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Custom Homes

At The TM Group Inc, we take all the stress out of the building process and help you build the Custom Home of your dreams

Most people dream about building their own Custom Home. They want their home to be a reflection of their lifestyle and personalities. Purchasing a custom home in a large development is always a compromise. In these large developments customization means adding trim to a room or some other cosmetic alteration. By choosing to limit the number of home under construction, we are perfect builder for you. We can offer you unparalleled personnel attention because you are not one of a dozen clients. You will be one of a small group who will command our undivided commitment.

Our building process is much different than most of our competitors. We encourage our clients to visit their home while it is under construction. We want you to see the quality and craftsmanship that forms the structure before it is hidden beneath our beautiful finish work. We also recognize that sometimes things that looked perfect on the plan are not perfect when constructed. The window location that looked great on the drawing may actually be in the wrong location for a piece of furniture. We encourage our clients to make these changes during the building process to ensure that their home is their perfect custom home.

Responsible Construction is guiding principle during the custom home building process. We take the extra effort to implement environmentally responsible site preparation practices. These practices are reflected in a home that respects and preserves the natural landscape. We also believe in the energy efficient building practices. You will be presented with options to reduce your energy consumption, produce a healthier indoor environment, and lower your monthly utility bills.

If you are on the fence or are committed to building your perfect Custom Home we would like to offer you our Free Consultation. For a free consultation with please call 973-543-1776.