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Responsible Construction

“You can build a quality home that is not a green home, but you cannot build a green home that is not a quality home.” – National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

The term “green” is generally interpreted to mean, “sustainable, having little or no environmental impact.” When it refers to home construction or renovation, it has an even more specific meaning – an energy efficient home that has superior indoor air quality and is durable.

There are various ways to achieve “green” status. Inexpensive caulking measures, for example, can achieve limited results. A comprehensive whole house design, on the other hand, is initially more expensive but can not only make daily living more enjoyable but also produce dramatic cost of ownership savings through greatly reduced utility bills.


There are several nationally recognized organizations and systems that can provide third-party certification of Green Building standards. These include the NAHB and LEED. Because Green Building is not a “one size fits all” process it has limitless options. Therefore it is important to select a builder who has attained accreditation from a widely respected organization such as NAHB. As noted in my Educational and Professional Qualifications, I am a Certified Green Professional and I am qualified to provide whatever degree of environmental compatibility the homeowner desires.